Friesian Talent Cup: The global competition for four-year-old Friesian horses with talent for dressage.

The board consists of chairman Wendy van der Veen and general board members Gerarda van Harten, Jenske van Drunen, Frederieke Verhaar and Rianne Mennink. This board is responsible for the organization and implementation with (operational) support from the KFPS. The Friesian Talent Cup is therefore not part of the KFPS.

The global concept
The selections will be organized online. You can participate from every country all over the world. You can register on the Friesian Talent Cup website. You will find the registration form under the header ‘Global’. Please read the regulations first before you enter your horse!


Our judges will watch the videos and judge the online test. All participants will receive their feedback and score via email. We will post the results on our website and Facebookpage. We will divide the group into 2 categories: Mares and Stallions/Geldings.

If you score 68 points or higher, and there are a minimum of 20 participants in the same country with this minimum score, we will come to you! We will then schedule a live instruction day for all selected participants, which will follow with a Friesian Talent Cup Global Final in your country.

More information about the global edition will be published at our website. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the Friesian Talent Cup.

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